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M.L. LeGette - By Candlelight
Rebeccah Writes
Richard Stephenson
Rosie Amber

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Our Author Interviews:

Interviews Donna or Mike have done with other authors on this site, listed alphabetically by last name.

Brandy Miller - June 9, 2013
Carol Dunitz - April 14, 2013
Christine Meunier - April 28, 2013
Jenelle Schmidt - June 16, 2013
Melodie's Musings - May 27, 2013
M.L.LeGette - May 5, 2013
S.J.B. Gilmore - May 13, 2013

To Be Interviewed:

Author interviews are posted every Sunday. They are completed on a first come basis. We will let you know where you are in line and when you can expect to see your interview on our blog. We write fiction that is appropriate for adolescents through adults and would like to share work by authors in our genre, however, we are open to other types of writing. We do not accept erotica.
We tweet your interview multiple times during the week of your post. We also share your interview on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

If you are interested in being interviewed please share the following:
1) Author Bio
2) Author Photo
3) Name and description of the book you are currently promoting. 
4) Images to go along with the interview (usually, people send book covers or associated artwork).
5) A sample of your writing (it could be the book you are promoting, but it doesn’t have to be: a short story is fine).
6) Contact information (where to find you, and where to buy your books) 
7) Social Media addresses:
8) Book video links (online video commercial things)
9) Promotional offers

After reading your information we will get back to you with a short list of questions.

To Interview Donna or Mike:

Email us at MiloNerak@Gmail.com and ask, or just leave a comment on this page.