Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Wayward Gifted GoodReads Giveaway Completed - Books Shipped

The Wayward Gifted: Broken Point

Our GoodReads.com giveaway has ended! Goodreads chose ten people from a list of more than six hundred who participated in our recent giveaway. Thank you to everyone who entered. The books have been shipped from Amazon.com and will be arriving at the homes of our winners on Thursday, April 16th -- with the exception of one person who did not provide a complete address. We're working on this issue with Goodreads and hope to get your book mailed asap.

The following winners will receive a soft bound copy of The Wayward Gifted:Broken Point

Maggie Liu
Lindsey McLamb
Sherry Foley
Laura Prindable
Deborah Smith
Abigail Fluegge 
Amee Foster
Ruth Karren
Tandi S. Cortez
Toni Amalia Dantin

Because we each have to find our own way... 
 The Wayward Gifted: Broken Point

 A coming of age story loaded with angst & adventure 
For adolescents through adults.

 Thanks for joining us. Thanks for entering.

We're glad you're here.
Donna and Mike
The Wayward Gifted - Broken Point