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Sunday Author Interview with S.J.B. Gilmour

Because of Mother's Day we're a day behind with our Sunday Author Interview. I think you will find it worth the wait. This week we are interviewing S.J.B. Gilmour, author of The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick series.

S.J.B. Gilmour - "Sam"

Donna: Today we have the wonderful pleasure of interviewing S.J.B. Gilmour. Thank you for joining us.
Sam: G'day guys. Thanks for this opportunity. You can call me Sam.

Donna: Thanks, Sam. I see that you live in Melbourne Australia?
Sam: Yes, I live in Melbourne with my wonderful wife and two fantastic daughters. I was raised in the family footwear business where I still work, but I've done a great deal besides. I've edited, researched, sub-edited and published. I've don a stint in the Royal Australian Navy, run a small cafe and pumped diesel at a bus depot. I'm a travel junkie, amateur birdwatcher and an overall book and film nerd.

Donna: All that, and you have two books?
Sam: Yes, Golden Mane, Book One of The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick and Renegades of Wolfenvald, Book Two of The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick are both out now. Armies of Nine, Book Three of The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick will be out soon.

Donna: Your books sound exciting. I love your covers! Do you mind if we include an excerpt for our readers?
Sam: Let's do it.

From Armies of Nine:

"...Oliver flared angrily. ‘You idiot!’ he yelled at Sarah. ‘Do you know what you’ve done?
Mannix and Benjamin leaped forward to stand between Sarah and Oliver. The two werewolves growled at the necromancer angrily. Nor did the other remaining werewolves appreciate the tone Cromwell had taken to their new First. Perhaps most startling of all was Fergus. The great Brown launched himself over the backs of Benjamin and Mannix. He struck Oliver squarely in the chest with two enormous paws and hurled him back to the ground. Before Cromwell could move, Fergus stood on his chest and took hold of his throat with his massive jaws.
‘I’d watch my mouth if I were you, servant of Loki,’ he growled in a very deadly tone indeed. It was quite obvious to one and all that the normally quite relaxed and happy Brown Coat was very willing to rip Cromwell’s newly healed head from his body without a moment’s hesitation.
Oliver froze. His eyes sought out Sarah. ‘What were you doing in my mind?’
‘I had to heal you, Cromwell,’ Sarah told him. Then she nudged Fergus. ‘Fergus! Let him go!’
For a moment, it seemed that the angry werewolf was not going to obey. Finally, after several tense seconds, he snarled again and let go of Oliver’s neck and backed away.
Without taking his eyes off the scene before him, James tilted his head to his cousin Angela. ‘How come they didn’t act like that when you were mad at her?’
‘I’m not sure,’ Angela replied. ‘Perhaps it’s because we’re family.’
‘Close,’ Roberta told them both. She wagged her tail. ‘We’re her pack. Cromwell,’ and her tail stopped wagging and her tone became quite serious, ‘isn’t.’..."

Donna: It's been such a pleasure to have you drop by our blog. Where can our readers find you?
Sam: My Author pages 
My Social Media:

Donna: Thank you so much. I wish you great success with your series.
Sam: Cheers and thanks again!

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