Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Wayward Gifted Goodreads Book Giveaway

We'll be back soon to catch up with the fabulous A to Z Blogging Challenge. Meanwhile, please follow the link below (the one that says 'enter to win') and enter to win a copy of the Wayward Gifted at our Goodreads Giveaway.

Adopted at birth, Samantha Leigh and Steuart James DuBoise reside in a complex world of southern love and crazy dysfunction. They snack on cold buttered biscuits and drink sweet iced-tea as they create stories and share fantasies on the sleeping porch of their grandmother Ida Light’s bay-front home. Their world is abruptly altered when Olivia DuBoise, their rigid, emotionally disturbed mother decides to move the family more than a thousand miles from the only home they have ever known. The children, not only angry, but also certain that life has prematurely ended, fight against a world they believe to be both humdrum and routine. Both highly intelligent, and uniquely talented Sam and Steuart struggle to mature while holding fast to childhood. Each carries unique interests and talents into the fight. Steuart has a deep love of words and a hobby of creating anagrams. Sam has an obsessional need to collect colors, and will go to great lengths to increase her collection. Encouraged by Ida, and several new friends, Sam and Steuart set out to make the best of their situation, soon discovering worlds unknown in this coming of age, young adult, fantasy adventure. Who are the Wayward Gifted?

The Wayward Gifted

The Wayward Gifted - Broken Point by Donna K. Childree

The Wayward Gifted - Broken Point

by Donna K. Childree

Giveaway ends May 14, 2013.
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