Monday, April 1, 2013

Our First Giveaway - A Kindle E-reader

This did not turn out as I expected. I just came to the blog to find out who our winner is and found that I couldn't get inside. I had my user name and password but they said that there was no one by that name. I tried other email addresses to see if I made a mistake - not.

I've emailed Rafflecopter and asked for help. Yikes! If they are able to help me, and the winner is someone other than the person named here, we will send a Kindle e-reader to that person as well.
I'll keep you posted on my correspondence with Rafflecopter.  Right now I am not very happy.

We only had fourteen people sign up for the giveaway, and out of the fourteen, only eight left a comment. I have no idea who the other six are. Anyway, we need to give away a Kindle.

So, I went to and used their random number generator. I assigned a number to each comment and let their site choose our winner. Here's the results.

Our winner is #5
Stephen Silva
Congratulations Stephen. I'll send you an email and find out where I need to send your Kindle.

Rafflecopter was very quick to get back in touch with me. Operator error was the problem - ME, not them. When I signed up for my Rafflecopter account I used my DonnaGotlib email account and put an extra 'l' in my name. I was able to sign in with that name and my password - very easy. The winner on Rafflecopter was Susan Silva (related to Stephen Silva). How cool is that? Now they will both have a Kindle. I am especially appreciative of Rafflecopter and their wonderful customer service. Thank you!