Sunday, April 28, 2013

Interview with Christine Meunier, author of Horse Country - A World of Horses

We are thrilled to share author Christine Meunier with you today as our featured Sunday Author.

Donna Childree interviews Christine Meunier, author of Horse Country - A World of Horses, available for sale July 1st in both print and ebook format.

Donna: It's so nice to have you with us today. Looks like Horses are your genre.
Christine: I consider the genre to be New Adult. I like writing about things I’ve experienced as is the case with my novel Horse Country focusing on young women becoming adults. 

Question: Am I correct that you're from South Australia? Are you using a pen name?
Answer: Yes and no. Yes, I was born in South Australia. The North East of Victoria is now home. No pen name. Christine Meunier is my legal name.

Question: I'm curious about the title of your new book, Horse Country - A World of Horses. How would you describe it for our readers?
Answer: Horse Country explores the world of thoroughbred breeding and instructing horse riding in Victoria, Australia. It follows the lives of four young women.

Donna: Is there a particular character you would enjoy having with us today?
Christine: Yes, she's so passionate about what she wants to do in life and won't let things stop or dissuade her. She'd like others to know that they can and should pursue their dreams, even if it takes longer than expected.

Donna: When did you know that you were a writer?
Christine: When I realised it was the one thing I would most like to do to earn an income and for fun.

Question: Who influences your writing?
Answer: I can't really point to a particular person at this point in time.

Question: Is there an author you would like to meet?
Answer: I love the Silver Brumby series by The late and great Elyne Mitchell. Other favorite authors are Francine Rivers and Dick Francis.

Donna: I'm guessing The Silver Brumby is your favorite book.
Christine: Yes, other favorites are The Bible, and An Eventful Life.

Question: How many books do you read monthly?
Answer: Around two or three.

Question: Did you have a favorite book as a child?
Answer: The Secret Garden.

Donna: That's one of my favorites too.

Donna: Please share something that has recently happened, or is about to happen in your life that you would like to share with our readers.
Christine: The release of my first book. I'm excited about it going on sale July 1st.

Donna: Where do you usually do your writing? Do you work in one spot?
Christine: I write when the idea comes to me. I jot it down and send myself a text as a reminder. But often it's in my lounge room on a laptop that I turn these ideas into segments of a story.

Donna: What about time of day? Do you have a preferred time that you write?
Christine: At night

Donna: Do you have a writing ritual? Will you describe your process?
Christine: I begin with an idea, turn that into an outline and develop the storyline and characters from there.

Question: What do you do when you feel blocked?
Answer: I leave things be. Ideas come to me when they want to, then I find writing very easy.

Donna: How do you celebrate your milestones?
Christine: I tell everyone about them!

Question: Do you have any pet peeves about writing?
Answer: I don't do it fast enough. Generally, I'm an impatient person in general and get frustrated by slow progress.

Donna: Is there an early childhood memory, related to reading or writing that you would like to share with us?
Christine: I remember getting my first copy of a saddle club book (number 25) as a Christmas present, devouring it quickly and being hooked on horse novels.

Donna: Is there a trailer available for your book?
Christine: Not yet. It's something I'll have to look into. I'm considering audio excerpts.

Question: What about writing websites? Do you have a favorite?
Answer: Fictionpress is probably where I first started to showcase my writing and gain feedback so for this reason it is an old time favorite.

Donna: What piece of advice would you like to share with aspiring writers?
Christine: Finishing a novel can take discipline, set yourself a target finish date and break up your time into little increments that can be achieved on a regular basis.

Donna: Do you have a favorite quote?
Christine: Those who follow the crowd get lost in it.
Donna: I like that!

Donna: Have you created a virtual blog tour? 
Christine: I guess yes. You can find all of my blog posts on other's blogs being promoted at from June 2013.

Donna: Thanks so much for joining us today. We'll be sending our best thoughts your way for great success. Where can our readers find you?
Christine: Thanks for having me. Readers can find me here:
               My blog:
               My Facebook Page: