Friday, April 5, 2013

'E' is for Excitement - Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

'E' is for Excitement
by Donna Childree

Eunice woke early on Thursday morning. After dressing, she ran down the stairs, put a leash on her dog, Eric, and headed out the house for their morning run. Along the way she watched school buses, filled with children, as they passed her on their way to class.  Eunice moved quickly. She waved to her neighbor Elouise, and trotted through the woods that were connected to Evanstown Park.

At home again, she gave Eric fresh water, fresh food, and then ran upstairs to shower and change. When Eric barked, she ran downstairs, and let him out to play in the back yard.

Eunice stopped to check her e-mail. She visited with friends on FaceBook, and also tweeted about an upcoming volunteer extravaganza.  She took a phone call from her mother, made one to her friend Elizabeth, and then stopped to check the time. She forgot the wash.

Downstairs in the basement, Eunice pulled clothes from the dryer, and folded them before running back upstairs. She stopped in the kitchen to pour a glass of milk, drank half, and then unloaded the dishwasher before going upstairs again to put the clothes away. The bed wasn’t made, so Eunice took care of that, and then picked up dirty towels from the bathroom floor. She walked down the hall, opened a door, and sent the towels down the laundry chute.

The phone rang again. This time it was her sister, Emma. Eunice asked if Emma was okay. For a while they talked about everything. She got off the phone when she remembered her elderly neighbor was waiting. Eunice promised to take Edward to the Endocrinologist. Down the stairs again, she went to the back door and opened it for Eric. She patted him on the head, gave him a kiss and said, “I’ll be home soon.”

Eric began to bark because the postman was on the porch. Eunice hushed her dog, opened the front door, and pulled mail from the box. She took it into the house, sifted through the envelopes and threw the unwanted into recycling.

Eunice looked again at Eric. She smiled, and stopped to give him a puppy biscuit. She saw the clock on her microwave and gasped. She grabbed her purse, opened the side door, jumped into her car, pushed the button to open the garage, and simultaneously started the engine, She put the car in reverse, and backed out over her neighbor’s daughter.