Friday, March 29, 2013

Day Twenty-three The Wayward Gifted and a Downtown Lunch

What a gorgeous day in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan. Temps are in the high forties. There are no clouds in the sky. The sun is out in full force. Perhaps spring has arrived in the beautiful midwest. It is a perfect day in Ann Arbor.

Life is very busy these days for Mike and me as we work to share The Wayward Gifted - Broken Point, and also as we work to complete the second book in our series; The Wayward Gifted - Grey's Case. Be sure to check out our new countdown clock. There are so many things to think about and do every day. It's really very exciting. With busy schedules, especially with my son working full time and going to college, we manage to get together two or three times weekly for lunch and book discussions. Today we were downtown.

Ann Arbor has a wealth of wonderful restaurants. Our first stop was at The Blue Nile Restaurant to pick up a couple of tins of Spiced Ethiopian Tea. It's the most wonderful tea I've ever had, and the best part is that this tea has no sugar. Think of drinking a mouthful of liquid Red Hots. Seriously. It's amazing. You can order it online.

After that we walked a few blocks and enjoyed the weekday buffet at Taste of India on State Street. They really do a great job. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn that Mr. Grey enjoys Gobi Manchurian, Onion Kulcha, and drinks an occasional Mango Lassi.

We're looking forward to the upcoming A to Z Blogging Challenge, and continue discussing what we will share during that time. I do know that, in Steuart's honor, we're going to include a daily anagram.

I can't believe it's Friday -- again!