Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day Six - Amazon Kindle Ranking

This adorable robot cake, found at Jamie's Sugar Shack reminded me of one that Steuart had for his special day.

Did I tell you... it's all about the numbers? Yesterday The Wayward Gifted ranked number 20 in Kindle (free) coming of age fiction. Huzzah! That was the final day of our Amazon Kindle, digital download promotion. We've been waiting to see what the actual amazon number would be following the promotions end. Here it is....



That's right. As of noon today, there are 350,870 books that rank higher than The Wayward Gifted. 

You might think we'd be bummed. Okay, maybe a little, but not really. At first glance, it's depressing. But we knew this was coming. This is actually a good number for today -- although not a number we are content to live with. We're going to have to work our way  up the ladder. But like I said, we knew this would happen. And, we don't mind a challenge. If we did, we wouldn't have ever written a book.

We're first timers, with a first time novel, and only a handful of people know that we exist -- so far. We had no idea where we would find ourselves this morning. You may think we're nuts because we're not upset over this number. But there is very good reason to feel good. Did you know there are many new and older books out there ranking as low as 10,000,000? Thats the lowest rank I could find. The number may go higher. I am not kidding. So, as first timers, 350,871 is a good place to begin. And that is where we are -- at the beginning.  We've already received three incredible reviews. Click here to read our reviews. While you're there, please 'like' the page.

We're also thankful to the three hundred people who downloaded our first book in The Wayward Gifted series over these past five days. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! We appreciate every one of you. Thank you! We hope you love it.

Writing is joyful. It's why we're here. Mike and I have enjoyed every day of writing, talking about, and creating this world that Sam and Steuart inhabit. They've become a big part of our lives, and we are quite fond of them. Really, you should hear our lunch conversations. Now, as we're busy writing book two in the series -- Grey's Case, we're also busy sharing information about book one -- Broken Point. This is the hard part -- letting people know that we've written a book. We're not only working to find our audience, we're learning how to do it as we go along. 

Besides being my writing partner, Mike is a student with a full-time job working towards a degree in psychology. That means it's my job to get sales. I'll be writing most of our blog posts. Mike will post when he can. I'll also be the one putting information out there on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and any other social media I find along the way. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  I'm reading everything I can about marketing. In a digital world where everyone is sharing something at one time or another, this feels like a daunting task. I've told a handful of friends that just posting the book on FaceBook felt like jumping out of a plane. It's unnerving. Maybe it's the fear of being wrong about something we love so much. I just watched a TED lecture about that very thing the other night. The truth of it is that promoting is not something I'm comfortable doing. But Mike and I both love this book, and we believe it's worth sharing. So, here I am. This blog is about our journey with the DuBoise children, and it's also about our efforts to bring it into the public eye. I can't tell you how to write a book, or how to sell a book. But I can share what we're doing as we go along.

I've already learned a couple of things about promoting on Kindle. One thing we didn't know when we published and launched, is that there are a tremendous number of sites that will promote your free book, and they don't charge for the promotion. All you have to do is google 'market my novel online', or 'market my kindle e-book'. You'll find them. This allows them to spread the word. The second thing is that it's probably good to split the five days into two and three. I've recently (during our promotion) read studies done by other authors who say that they have noticed a decline in the number of downloads after the third day. I'm not really sure about this because the number of downloads we had continued picking up through day five. I believe we would have had more downloads had I known about these sites that promote the free days.

If you're reading this, and you find the book description (at the bottom of the page) interesting, buy our book. It's a whopping $2.99. If you enjoy the book, or if you know someone who you believe might enjoy the book, please share our links and suggest that they buy it. If you're feeling generous, buy copies for your friends. We are indie authors and publishers. We do not have a professional marketing campaign. Nor are we pouring thousands of dollars into advertising. We're appreciative of your word-of-mouth help. Seriously. We are. That said, if you have something you'd like for us to share here, on FaceBook, Twitter, or other social media, let us know...as long as it's not offensive.

* * *

Several people, including one reviewer, have expressed concern that our original book description does not provide enough information. They've also agreed with us that it's difficult to describe this book without giving away SPOILERS. We don't want to do that, but neither do we want to turn people away with a description that says nothing. 

Here's the new description:

Samantha Leigh and Steuart James reside in a combined world of love and crazy dysfunction where they swim in the bay, eat cold buttered biscuits, and find refuge on the sleeping porch of their grandmother's home overlooking Atchison Bay. When their emotionally unstable mother moves the family more than a thousand miles from the only home they have ever known, the DuBoise children struggle to adjust. Armed with unique talents and the encouragement of their grandmother, they discover a universe unlike any they've ever known -- The Wayward Gifted.