Monday, March 25, 2013

Day Nineteen - Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 Header and Footer

Read a chapter of The Wayward Gifted

Did I tell you... I'm amazed by how quickly time is passing these days. Has it been five days since I've posted here? How was your weekend? Am I the only one who feels like time is racing by?

Yesterday I spent the entire day, or at least twelve hours of the day, searching for the solution to a problem with formatting page numbers on Word for Mac 2011.  As I was working on formatting The Wayward Gifted for Create Space I found that I couldn't get rid of page numbers one through five, the pages that come before Chapter One. I wanted no page numbers on those pages, with the first page of the book showing as page two following the first page of Chapter One. It's so late. I can't sleep and I wonder if any of this is making sense.

Finally, somewhere around midnight, after an entire day of searching for the answer, I found it. I wish that I had bookmarked the site so that I could share it here. But I didn't. I was googling phrases like "delete pages Word for Mac 2011," and "I don't want pages before Chapter One, Word for Mac 2011," and "Please help me so that I can get rid of the pages that are showing up before Chapter One, Word for Mac 2011!!!!!" The answer was simple, simple after a day of searching. It seems that the default, located in headers and footers is a little box that is checked saying "Link to Previous." 

The answer is to click "view header and footer," then click on the tab that says "header and footer", look slightly down and to the right, under "options" and remove the check mark from the box that says "link to previous." That's all it took.

I submitted our book to Create Space and waited overnight (they said it could take 24 hours) for the book to be reviewed. This morning I received a note that the title on the spine was too large and needed to be altered, and also, the ISBN number on the manuscript was wrong. I had included the ISBN number that is attached to our book on Kindle. Did you know that there is a different ISBN for every different type of publication that you have for one book? I'm waiting again for another review. Hopefully I'll email tomorrow - no, it is tomorrow, I'll email later today and let you know that The Wayward Gifted is available in print!

It's after four o'clock. I think I need to go back to bed now. Yikes! Where did the night go? 

Sweet dreams.