Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 22 - The A to Z Blog Challenge is Coming!

There is a lot going on Monday, April first. Not only will we be giving away a Kindle e-reader to one of our lucky visitors, but also, The Wayward Gifted will begin participating in the third annual Blogging from A to Z challenge, a month long blog hop where participants agree to blog daily with the exception of Sunday. A big thank you to Robyn Leatherman for sharing this information with us. Robyn, who says "I live at my laptop", can be found at She is an "Arkansas-dwelling author of historical fictions Summer Rain and Rebellion in the Valley." She also speaks "Tsalagi." You can find her on Twitter @RobynLeatherman

Because our blog is the place where Mike and I share about our personal experience writing and marketing The Wayward Gifted, we've chosen the category PR, personal for our entries.
We'll share

Find out more here:
What is Blogging From A to Z? 
2013 A to Z Challenge sign up/list

This is going to be fun!